Free outfits/characters, Nothing is weird! :D

Credit goes to @Sexy_Lil_Thang for the idea
I will be creating free outfits/characters, if you’re interested just fill this out:
Type (Girly, tomboy, etc.):
Amount of characters (5 max):
How fast you would like it done (pick from these 3; FAST, not that quickly, or i can wait):


Waiting list:

Type: drag queen outfits- I’m running out of outfit ideas since I already used most of the dresses and tops for male bodies
Amount: 5
Not that quickly

Ok I will get it to you by tomorrow at 1:00 :D, I will use a base male character for it .

do you do INK ? (:

Alright party thanks!

Yeah, both Ink and LL

Hi I’m just checking in how is it coming along?

Closed by OP request. :smiley: