FREE Outlines INK (OPEN)



Your Outlines are amazing :sparkling_heart:


Hope you like it @leslie.creates


Thanks :two_hearts: I love it

:slight_smile: do you mind if I use it for an outline? Contest and I’ll credit you


I don’t mind


Here is the outline from shoulder up
I hope you like it @Caticorn


Can I please get an outline of these?

Character 1


Character 2


Can Bree be winking and Daisy have her arm around her (Shorter than Bree).
If you can’t I totally understand, but hopefully you can! Thank you in advance!!!


Hey, could I request an outline as well please?


Character: female
Hair: diva curls
Eyes: upturned feline
Eyebrows: smooth arch
Nose: soft natural
Mouth: classic
Face: soft heart
Clothes: belted dress
Pose: blow kiss
Addition notes: could it please just be from the shoulders up?
Thanks… let me know if need to know anything else…


I can do it


I can also do this


I hope this is what you wanted @EVL.Daisy


Can I have outlines for these four, from left to right , Jake, Shona, Cade and Zach. Jake is smoking (smile on his face), Shona is wink, Cade will be Flirt, Zack is think (smile on his face)
I hope it’s not too much. If it is let me know.


I am gonna start on that one when I finnished on the one I am doing now.
Btw are those the clothes you want them to be in?


Yeah the clothes can be same or anything which you are comfortable with. Also, when you are done, can you send me in transparent png form?




Hope you like it @Melissa.H


Still open?


Wow! Thats amazing! THANKS SOO MUCH!




Thank you ! I love it! :blue_heart: