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So this topic is about where and how to get free overlays & backgrounds… I decided to make this topic to help others like myself become more independent when it comes to creating the perfect story all on your own! with that said, like myself, I love getting help from others in this community but sometimes it feels more achieving if you do it by yourself, right? so there are a few sites I’d like to share on where to get FREE png transparent overlays along with backgrounds you can use in your story or for any other purpose! (no copyright involved :no_entry_sign: )


  1. Pexels


  1. Overlays Png, Vectors, PSD, and Clipart for Free Download …
  2. Overlay PNG & Overlay Transparent Clipart Free Download …

Note: There are many other sites like the ones above you can use, remember to make sure they are not eligible for copyright and free to use. Not only is it wrong to steal/use others work without permission but it comes with consequences as well. To find more sites, type in “Free domain images” or “Free domain transparent overlays” or something similar and to that extent. I hope this helps everyone and works great for you as it did for me.

The creator of the backgrounds and overlays need to be credited while using their work. Good luck with your stories! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


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I don’t mind! :blush:

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