Free Overlays and Backgrounds! (Request an Overlay or Background!)

Ask for overlays or backgrounds and I will get them for you fast and free! :kissing_heart:

Edited backgrounds may take a bit more time!


can I see some examples???

Credit to @alexa.episode for the background behind the character.

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Thanks hun :heartbeat:

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Hey, do you know who made this?


I found the background online, then added a few things and erased a few others, I can try and find who the original creator was.

Ah, I see. I would give credit to the person who made the BG.

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Hi i have a question i use ibis paint and im trying to figure out the lenght and width to create my own background overlays like i have 78 pictures in total and i dont think you can do all of them lol beacuse episode has this thing where your pictures are soppose to be 1mb and mine are like 1mb but not imb exactly its like1.089 its over like by 89 and its annoying but do you know the seizes for the background overlays?

This is 1 out of the 78 pictures i want for my background overlay lol

Its png and the lenght is 1920 and the with is 1136 and it says that when i try to upload y overlay

I will.

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The link that the photo is from is from another thread on the forums. It doesn’t say who made it though…

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Could you send me the link?

It belongs to Pamelac.Stories I believe.


This post has been taken down

Try this image resizing website:

OMG thank you it worked thanks so much

??? I don’t get it. What are you trying to do? This is my background btw.

Also, other editors won’t take it too kindly if you edit their work without their permission and don’t mention who the original creator is at all.