Free overlays anyone?- request away! they're free and fast (basically an overlay shop now <3)

hey, I make/ find and edit overlays for you! I. make limb overlays, text overlays and regular overlays, also button overlays now

my examples
text overlays

regular overlays

Uploading: desk.png…

limb overlays

limb overlays form
  1. body type?
  2. skin tone?
  3. any tattoos?
  4. what you would like?

text overlays form
  1. what font you would like? (please choose from this site
  2. what would you like it to say
  3. what colour you want the text to be

regular overlays form
  1. describe exactly what you would like
  2. how fast you want it done

if this flops you never saw this :sparkling_heart:


  1. NO THREADHOPPING!! (it is very discouraging and we take our time on what you request and it hurts us very much when you thread hop, thank you)
  2. if whatever I make you has my watermark on it DO NOT take it off because that’s a way of crediting me and you do not need to add a credit at the end of your story if whatever I make you has a watermark.
  3. if the overlay I made you do not have a watermark on it then please credit me either when the overlay is used in a readerMessage like this: "readerMessage Overlay made by @mia_writes.x on Instagram" or at the end of your story when you write the credits and stuff

anddddd while your here you should check out my art shop, it has overlays and much more!! click here for art shop <3
and here’s my overlay drive click here for overlay drive <3
hey everyone i’ve discontinued this overlay shop so if you request something then i won’t be on to reply or make anything, i’ve also quit episode but i am still active on wattpad anyways i’ve left my overlay drive open so everyone can see everything on there and i’ve now changed the rules so that you won’t need to credit me on anything now so just use anything you’d like​:butterfly::butterfly:

this is my linktree so click on there to find everything: @mia_writes.x | Linktree

  1. what font you would like? I’d like the Vollkorn by friedrich Althausen
  2. what would you like it to say Just Business
  3. what colour you want the text to be Black please


bump :sparkling_heart:

Do you think it would be possible for you to make some poster overlays for school bulletin boards if I sent you the background?

If so, these are the two backgrounds:


I don’t care exactly what they are but if you take my request please make them school related like school trips, grades, plays, clubs, etc. -School name is Ruckwood and the colors are blue and while but the colors aren’t important.

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sure ill do it after school!!

Thank you so much!

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all good :blob_hearts:

hi, I would like to request a text overlay that says chapters 1-35 in this style font and the color in black

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sure ill do them soon :blush:

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so sorry for the inconvenience, I seem to no longer have that font anymore but if you go on and choose whichever font you would like that looks similar to that font and just send it to me and ill make it asap.

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perfect ill do them soon

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the numbers on the font show up as normal text, is that alright??

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don’t worry i found the site and ill get right into it

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@Faith.episode.cats how are the first 11??? do you like them so far

txt overlays

chapter 1 chapter 2 chapter 3 chapter 4 chapter 5 chapter 6 chapter 7 chapter 8 chapter 9 chapter 10 chapter 11

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There perfect thank you so much

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that’s fine

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i don't know if you do ink, but: Limb overlay form
  1. body type:famale
  2. skin tone: rosewood
    2.5. Lip: full round, dusty rose
  3. any tattoos: nup.
  4. Lip overlay
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