Free overlays (CLOSED)

Does anyone need any overlays created?
Just let me know what you need and I will make it for you.

Here a some examples:


image image


I need overlays that show my character is wet.

For example:

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I will have a go. I shall message you when I’m done. It will probably be tomorrow.

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Sure! Tyt

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Hi Can I get a blanket overlay

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@BlissV What sort of blanket were you looking for? Any particular colour or print?

Thank you for this thread!
I have been struggling to create bruise overlays I HAVE TRIED :joy::joy::see_no_evil: but I would appreciate it so much if you could provide me with an overlay representing a very bad bruise.

Two sets of bruises. And they’re both for a female for their upper body.
And I’d appreciate it a lot if you could provide me with another overlay that is basically showing a knife That represents the motion for a character who has been stabbed already. So the entire knife isn’t visible

thank you in advance! I will definitely give you credit. If it isn’t possible to create the overlay then still thank you :heart:

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I will get on it later today. I will message you when I’m done.

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Thank you so much, take your time :heart:

Due to some family problems, there will be a slight delay in getting the overlays to you.
You will receive them by the end of next week at the latest.
Thanks for your understanding.

Just a white one if you can that would be AMAZING!! :smile:

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Hey, this is angryybirdd, and I am new to this writing story and all that…i really need your help in all my overlays designing since i decided to put on with my own idea instead of the episode ones.
So if you are interested in helping me with theses overlays stuffs, i would request you to send me your Instagram account so that i could request you all the overlays which i need my stories. I will be glad if you are ready to help!

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Hi @Angryybirdd,
I would be delighted to help. My Instagram is @stories.meg.

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Hey there :slight_smile: could you make me an overlay of a chinese cookie? That would help me so much <3

hey I asked for a white plain blanket overlay and you never got back to me I was wondering can you still do it.

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I’m so sorry. I’ve had so much going on with a close family member being ill and getting ready to publish my story.
I’m afraid I probably won’t have time for a few weeks to do it, so might be best if you look elsewhere. Instagram is a haven for background creators or ask on the forum.
Sorry again.

I’m so sorry to hear that but its totally fine

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@BlissV @Angryybirdd @Fiffy @Perry @gayeaudrei @uroojxx.episode
Hey there,
I’m really sorry that I haven’t been able to get your overlays to you.
A close family member has been very ill and I’m getting ready to publish my story, plus a few other personal things.
It’s probably best if you try to find someone else to create your requested overlay. If I have time I will have a search and try to find one for you.
Instagram is great for backgrounds and overlays and you can always ask someone else on the forum.
Meg x


No problem! You don‘t have to check out any overlays for me anymore :slight_smile: all the best for your story and also for your relative <3

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Thank you :blush: