Free Overlays/ Intro and Outro pictures EVERYTHING FREE💋💅

Hi I’m Sannia-Camia i’m a artist I don’t do art scenes sorry girlies. But I can help everyone find some overlays and even create a few covers. I’m also willing to answer any questions you have about adding overlays or backgrounds.

Here are some things I made

Please don’t screenshot my creations and take credit even if you do use one of my examples please mention me @sannia_camia_queen.
If you want anything just message me it’s free!
It will take me a few days to get your picture to you but overlays are no issue i’ll have them to you in a few hours.

The apps used for these images are: Picsart, Canva💋


Hi @Sannia1 can I have a cover :smiley:

Font : Text font

Can you put a gun overlay under the words :folded_hands:
Colour : White

Text in Font
This content can be very extreme turn back while you still can

Thx :two_hearts:


I’m on it! I’ll have it back to you soon goodluck with your story.

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Space or Space Tech? I can show you how both look.

How’s This?
I hope you like it if not i’ll recreate it


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Thanks u r a life saver :blob_hearts:

You’re so welcome I enjoy creating things like this It wasnt too hard really :sweat_smile:


A few more pictures I made today

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I really love the first one. Can you make one, with my IG-address? @angelwings_1983

I will give you credit for it.

Of course i’ll have it to you in a few hours or tomorrow

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Thank you, hun.

**Hi i’m Sannia-Camia I recently joined the forums and I’d like to help some peeps🥰


A few things I’m proud to call My Art

(This one says Reanna because my friend made it with me)

More splashes


I can make Character Cards, Splashes, Edits, Backgrounds, and Overlays.
Just Message me and I can do what You want.
Just Include:
A Summary of your story
The name of your story
What you want
Credits to me


HI can i have a splash saying this story contains sound turn your sound up for more experience and one saying to be continued .
theme:kind of dark ,pink .

Sure, I can do that I’ll have it to you soon :heart:

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Which one do you like more?

I’m sorry to bother you I just need a bit more info or I can show you how they all look.

Hi ni prob I like the lighter pink one
This type of
Uploading: EFE23601-E80A-4DD9-81A0-8C00E36EFF8F.jpeg…

Okay thanks sorry for asking so many questions.

How are these, hope you like them!
Please credit me with my forums account.

omg wow these are so good Thankyou so much<3333 i will credit you
But the size is not working out the full text isnt seen on the story

I can resze it or I can give you the link.
I didn’t know you wanted me to make it fit sorry!

Here you go they’ll fit now!

And this will come in handy so for Splashes or Backgrounds you need to resize the image into Width: 640. And Length: 1136
Here’s the free website I use.

It’s really easy you open the website go into dimensions and type 640 and in the other box 1136
Or you can just download the images I just gave you DONT SCREENSHOT

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