Free passes codes and/or wayt to get them

I really could use more then 2 ticket every 4 hours… Anyone have any codes and/or ways to get more. All the stories i like have short chapters… I hate to say it but unless i can read more often im done with this app even though i love it.

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@Chelseatiktok I don’t know if they’ve changed this, but I think once you’ve read a certain amount of episodes, your amount of passes you get during a refill will increase.

Episode used to have something called referral codes - codes you can redeem only once and get 3-4 passes. This has been removed, though.

Anyway, one way you can earn more passes is to keep reading more episodes. So how this works is that you have to read 20 episodes for 3 passes every 4 hours and 40 episodes for 4 passes every 4 hours. The maximum amount of passes you are allowed on refills is 4 passes every 4 hours.

Another way is to complete those daily challenges. You’ll have to read about 4-5 chapters to get your reward, which will be an extra pass.

You can also purchase more passes from the store. There’s even an unlimited passes option, which lasts for 30 days.


@Chelseatiktok I forgot to mention one thing.

Some YouTubers have special links provided by Episode where you can acquire more free passes as well. So if you want even more passes, try to be on the lookout for these channels who provide special links. For example, just now, I received 5 free passes from Jenn Creates’ link on one of her new videos. The link is in her description for anyone who wants to get it. Also, make sure you open it from mobile (not computer):


Here is proof that it works and that I received 5 passes from this:

The link only works once and is temporary, so get it while you can! :smiley: And feel free to check out their content as well - some of them make great videos on Episode, such as Joseph Evans.

Edit: If the above method does not work for you, it is possible that the link has expired seeing as it has been over a month since the link was made available. I am not sure whether it has expired or not so the only way to know is to give it a try to confirm.


How’d you get so many gems? I’m DYING to read all of the stories that i didn’t finish but I HAVE NO PASSES :frowning_face: how can we get them? (All of the Referral Links on YT are expired :disappointed:

@Extreme_Kate Yeah, I believe they are most likely expired by now. But don’t worry. I’m sure Episode will make more links available in the future; just be on the lookout for them.

And I got a lot of gems from reading stories that have the ‘Earn Gems’ label on them. You will mainly find them on featured stories, such as The Secret of Rain by Joseph Evans, for example. Another way that I got many gems is by doing daily challenges offered by Episode. On the main menu in the game, you should see a circular icon in the bottom right-hand corner. Click it to see what rewards you can get for reading X amount of chapters in stories for that day.

Also, the more you read, the more passes you earn. When you initially start on Episode, you will receive 2 passes per 4 hours but you can increase the number of passes you get by reading more chapters of stories. You will receive a notification about this when you’ve level’ed up.

(Default) = 2 passes per 4 hours
Read 20 chapters in total = 3 passes per 4 hours
Read 40 chapters in total = 4 passes per 4 hours

Currently, 4 passes per 4 hours is the maximum. Alternatively, you can skip this all together as you have the option to purchase passes/gems as-well (although, this isn’t a very popular method but it’s the fastest way to get them). I have never purchased passes/gems ever of all the time I’ve been on Episode. It’s very easy to get passes/gems for free, to be honest.

But yeah, these are the methods that you can use. :slight_smile:

Meh, I’m ok with waiting for passes to re-load XD
Plus I’d rather not get free gems/passes from sources that are not part of Episode interactive.

And oml I love short episodes!

Have fun reading : )

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@JemU776 Yeah. Users should try to be careful with that. Stuff like generators, surveys, etc. shouldn’t be trusted and should be avoided as they typically have viruses. They usually don’t work anyways and it’s not worth it not only due to the virus but I believe you could even be banned from the app through using those means of getting passes or gems since it’s essentially stealing, or hacking.

However, the specific links provided by YouTubers, like the example I gave, were provided by Episode themselves and the YouTuber will typically make you aware of that in their videos. They are completely safe to use. I believe Episode usually post about them on their social media as-well. But just be careful, everyone. Only use Episode-provided methods of getting passes or gems!

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