Free Passes ! Free Gems ! 4hrs ugh! Help Please!

Hello is there anyway to spped up free passes or a way to collect them freely? Love the storie
s just. Don’t want to pay to read!


The only way is either to leave your phone for the end of the day and you’ll have more than three passes. For the gems, then I recommend you to get hooked in a featured story as it gives you a gem when you finish a chapter.

You can use this link from youtube to get free passes
This one also works
Click the link to get 10 free gems and 10 free passes

The passes don’t stack up. :+1:t6:

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Yeah, I’m aware the don’t. :sob: But I believe you get eleven at the end of the day? Something like that. It also depends on how you complete the challenges and all that…

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It didn’t work😢

Yeah… They’re giving me 4 every 4hrs now… But once I start reading I just can’t stop… I need more passes!


Like, “Complete reading 20 chapters.” Hope that helps. :slight_smile:

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