Free pfps for u :)

so before we say goodbye to my pc art i decided to make a few pfps :sunglasses:
I can do covers, but itd be limited to just faces since im just experimenting with my style. it will be limited requests tho :frowning: lmk if youre interested :slight_smile:



Bump !~

Not a request I like your style!

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id like a pfp

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I like a pfp. Bump!

I would looove a pfp​:revolving_hearts::sparkles::heartpulse::two_hearts:

Can you make a pfp for me?

sure just send your character details

just send character details!

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alright just send character details

yes! just send character details

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Aaaah yay!
And thank you so much​:sneezing_face::revolving_hearts::heartpulse::heart::sparkles:

  • What Are Your Character’s Appearance Details?=Body=Female Athletic=Neutral 04, Brow= Arched Natural=dark brown, Hair=Double Bun Half Down Hair=black dark, Eyes=Female Generic=Brown dark, Face=Diamond, Nose=Defined Natural, Lip=Full Round Pouty= Beige Rose.

  • What Outfit Do You Want Your Character To Have?=

Heyy can you maybe make one for me? x