Free photoshop for phone edits!

Hey everyone :wave:t2:
I have found the breakthrough for making edits on your phone or tablet :revolving_hearts: personally I make all my edits on my phone and iPad and find these 2 apps make amazing results and are easy to use once you get used to them :revolving_hearts: The first app called Bazaart is basically like the cut and layering part of photoshop, it’s amazing​:revolving_hearts: and the second is LINE brush. It’s basically the paint part of photoshop and very good for shading and creating modifications​:revolving_hearts: combining these 2 will basically make a free photoshop :revolving_hearts: IKR SHOOK :revolving_hearts:
If you have any questions of how to use them for edits and covers (I was really stuck at the start, especially with Bazaart) don’t hesitate to PM me or DM me on my insta ellie.marie_episode :revolving_hearts:
Happy editing :heart:
(Here’s an example of work that I have made with them -the text is a different thing)


I’ll have to check those out… I use superimpose, PicsArt, ibisPaint, and sometimes Pixlr


That’s ok :revolving_hearts: just know how hard it is to get decent apps that work well and are easy to use :revolving_hearts:


I’ll check it out! Normally, I just use adobe photoshop & adobe photoshop mix, and other adobe applications.

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this is really good! i would personally recommend the real photoshop if you can save up for it, because there’s a lot of features that you can explore with that aren’t included in the app stated above, but it is really good! i’ll probably check it out for when i dont have my computer with me!

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Yeh photoshops much better but this is free and you can do edits on the go :revolving_hearts:

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im gonna check it out tysm :heartbeat:

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