Free Plots and Title Ideas!

Sorry, not sure if I put this in the right area so if I didn’t…sorry

So, first things first. I will have title ideas and plots to go along with the story. Credit me if you so desire, and if you do you can put my name on the forum (Paris.Writes).
You are allowed to alter it to your desire
Please don’t be rude
Tell me which plot you want to use before you use it that way I can take it down and replace it with something new so you’re story doesn’t have a copy of it
If I don’t have any new ones up, please give me some time. I want to make the best plots that are interesting and fun without making them seem rushed or cliche :slight_smile:

Spies and Lies

When you get recruited for a school full of spies, everything is perfect. Except that if you don’t reach the top 10 out of 50 recruits, you’re out. But suddenly, people all around you are disappearing. Can you figure out who’s doing this before you’re gone for good?
In Use By: @luckyvirgo

Terror In Paradise

Welcome to Lorlea, a summer paradise. But when a new family comes in along with a secret around them, the family is willing to kill to find out the dark secret revolving around them. Will you be their next target?

What Did I Do?

When Ariella finds herself stuck in an alternate universe, she finds out that she’s the total opposite of her normal self. And not only that, but her best friend hates her. And she has no idea why.


This is cool, good luck!

Also for Terror In Paradise, did the family want to know the secret? Or are they protecting it? (Just to make it clearer)


In Terror in Paradise they don’t know the secret. Or if you want, you can flip it and they know the secret but the outside people don’t and they will kill to keep it a secret.

Do you want to use it?


Ugh, why can’t I come up with such great story ideas?? :smile:

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It’s alright. It’s just, I had a lot of ideas on the fly and from a lot of time off. Like, once you forget your even trying to create a new idea, it comes naturally. :slight_smile:

And you’re free to use one of these if you’d like. And credit only if you want.

But please note you have to tell me which one you want to use so no one uses that same idea :slight_smile: But only if you want to use it

Nah its fine. It just looked slightly confusing (to me) but I wish you luck

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This is really cool!

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Thanks! Didn’t we like, just talk on a different chat?

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Yeah. Oh well. :joy:

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Can i use the spies and lies

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