FREE Portrait for your story


Hi, guys…
If you want free Portrait for your story then I’m giving an giveaway as because So many guys don’t have enough money to buy my arts as well as I had closed request. So here is your chance. This Topic will automatically closed in 10/05/18 .
I make single arts. This Topic is opened for guys who want single arts , I means an single girl or boy photo, edits. Here is my Art example…

Thank ya


Hi! I’m not being a hater, but I believe this isn’t your art. It’s from an app called Live Portrait Maker.


Well…I am not says You are wrong but yeah…I was Edit this picture and letting them to look at my edited, as I called them Portrait. I think you think something wrong but this Topic is for edits not for Drawing.


I think what @AshleyGuiao is trying to say is that you should give credit to the app Live Portrait Maker, instead of claiming these “edits” as your own. Just saying, you don’t want to seem like you’re stealing these do you? I don’t mean to come off as rude or anyhtingy btw.


Ugh. You should just look at those eyes and says something , I also don’t want to get rude off. I had just use the photo to edit and show my edited because that time I don’t have any photo to edit.
If you all stop blaming then I should rather be say, Its my edits not my arts. And you are welcomed if you want any edits!


Sorry, but I was just saying and I didn’t mean to be rude.


And we weren’t blaming you :confused:


Sorry. I should be sorried. Sorry but let’s don’t mention it again and be friends, how about it?


Thank you :slight_smile:


No problem, dear. Are you an author? By anyways?


A newbie author, yes. :joy: are you?


I’m an old author. Lol…:joy::joy::joy:


Please Close this topic @Ryan