Free proofreader, story description writer, suggestions, etc

Hello! I am a free proofreader, story title brainstormer, story description suggester, story cover feedbacker, and much, much more! Feel free to PM me and ask for advice or ideas on anything! I am a perfectionist and I will do my best to help you. Depending on the service, a general credit note (e.g. “Credit to @Elsza for ————“ would be appreciated!
Thank you, and have fun requesting!

*An example of my work:

Title: Replay

Cover design (I drew it all myself):

Description: Forced to forfeit vacation for filming, sarcastic film star Alva Spencer gets stuck in a time loop with her co-star. Torn between recklessness and common sense - which will win?

If you want to request a service, go ahead!


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