Free script template by me!

Hi! So basically I’m an episode author and artist. I really like the idea of helping each other in this community that’s why I created a script template for my story but I wanted to share it with you too. It’s basically a club attack.
To use this you must:
Give credit to me by @arts__and_more on instagram.
You can change whatever you like but still you have to give credit!
If you do that you can dm me on instagram and I’ll be happy to read your story.
Here it is:
music music_danger
readerMessage This script template is created by @arts__and_more on instagram
@cut to zone 2
@add Gun Pistol Black to ALPHONS
@add Gun Pistol Black to GIOVANNI
@add Gun Pistol Black to MARCO
@MARCO moves to layer 8
@GIOVANNI moves to layer -2
@GIRL1 moves to layer 9
@BOY2 moves to layer 5
@BOY4 moves to layer -4
@MC moves to layer 8
&MC spot 0.983 32 111 in zone 3 AND MC faces left
&GIRL1 spot 0.992 279 120 in zone 2 AND GIRL1 faces left AND GIRL1 is run_fall
&BOY4 spot 1.055 239 141 in zone 2 AND BOY4 faces left AND BOY4 is react_mortified
&GIRL3 spot 0.911 144 151 in zone 2 AND GIRL3 faces left AND GIRL3 is scream_angry
&PLUSGIRL1 spot 1.010 58 105 in zone 2 AND PLUSGIRL1 faces left AND PLUSGIRL1 is idle_terrified_loop
&BOY2 spot 1.073 286 108 in zone 2 AND BOY2 faces left AND BOY2 is cry_sob_sad_loop
&ALPHONS spot 1.091 200 111 in zone 1 AND ALPHONS faces right AND ALPHONS is idle_gun_angry_loop
&GIOVANNI spot 1.082 264 119 in zone 1 AND GIOVANNI faces right AND GIOVANNI is idle_gun_angry_loop
&MARCO spot 1.154 133 75 in zone 1 AND MARCO faces right AND MARCO is idle_gun_angry_loop
@MC walks to spot 0.983 193 99 in zone 2

MC is the main character, Marco, Giovanni and Alphons are the attackers and the other people are the background characters.
Easy tip:
Select the characters name on the template
Press CTRL +f on your keyboard
A grey box will appear
Press the button ‘‘All’’ in the grey box
And simply replace the name of the character in this script template by your name of the character

Hope it helps you and feel free to ask me questions :slight_smile:


Does anyone have a script for a crowded smoothie place?
I have the background, just need the script! <3

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Are u open?