FREE splashes and split screens [open]



Hey there i would love to put in a request with you. Credit will be given


Tysm! Your Soo Sweet!


of course and thank u


i would love a split screen to do different phone calls between characters


sure! just send me the bg u want me to use


Hey, can I request a splash!? :slight_smile:

I’d love it to be in either a pink or purple coloured background and I just want a simple “For updates, sneak peeks and more… Follow my instagram: @lorixwritesx



sure! do u like this image?



here u go! i hope u like this, lemme know if u want any changes


Beautiful… thank you so much


yw! good luck wit ur story!


I need a splash
i need it on this picture tho


I need two one that says “mature themes and strong language”
and " turn up the volume"