Free Splashes/Covers!


Hey I make free splashes and covers! They may not be the best quality! You can ask for something extra (like custom behaviours) but I might not be able to do it! And the quality will be less!



I can’t see. It says I need permission


Oh I am sorry! :no_mouth: I didn’t publish it :sweat_smile: Can you try again? :thinking:




Can I request a cover?




Hi, can I request a cover.




If you check out my Instagram you can see edits of mine, where I actually edit the characters :smile:


Wait I’ll pm you!


Thank you infinitive much I will give you the info soon.


By the way I’m a new writer.


Yeah I saw it on your profile :blush:


Hey @Alyssa_Snijders , I noticed you do loading screens! Could i request one? If yes could you DM me on instagram at gxo_editz or gxo_writes . Thanks a bunch if you can :slight_smile: