Free splashes here ! ๐Ÿ’ž


So Iโ€™m offering to do a free splash or edit for anyone who needs one :revolving_hearts:Iโ€™ve got literally one Iโ€™m doing now so will be done TODAY for you :revolving_hearts: Iโ€™m really fast and can get one done in around 1hr 40mins if it is complicated :revolving_hearts: So if you want one then just PM me :revolving_hearts: hereโ€™s some example od edits I have done x


Hey! I would love a warning splash (mature themes and strong language) and a โ€œturn up your volume because this story uses soundโ€ splash!


Sure I can mak you one :revolving_hearts: do u have an insta account we can dm there x


Omg those are really nice !!! But i was wondering if you could make one for me llease if you cant its okay dont worry


I can can you pm me the details x