Free Splashes/Loading Screens! (CLOSED) Check Out My New One!)

Heyy! I thought why not? Here you can request a free splash I just started doing this so don’t expect to much! And if you want something extra you can ask but I might not be able to do it! It will take 3 days MAX

Fill in this form:

How much characters:
Character(s) details (You can make a picture or just write it):
Which text:
Which behaviour(s) on which people:
Which outfits (You can make a picture or just write it):
Which character needs to stand there? (Like “Name1 in the middle and all to the left Name2” You don’t have to do this but it is handy):
Background (Optional):
Extra (Optional):


Okay well HELLO! So my story The Drama Geek is in production and I would LOVE if you would do it

There are about 8
For details massage me so I don’t spam the chat if you accept

And do you do custom behaviors let me know if you don’t that’s ok😊

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I sent you a message and thank you for requesting!

Hi- Sorry for ruining this thread but I actually have a template if you guys want to make it yourself…

And then i use PicsArt (FRee Photoshop app) to make these (examples):