Free Splashes! (O.P.E.N)


Hia :wave:t4:
I create Minimal Simple splashes I also have a low experience with covers but If you ask I can try to create basic ones :upside_down_face:


Request Sheet


Yes I saw it Iā€™m actually working on it right now!:grin:

Your Request


Whay do you use




I just use keynote on my mac :relaxed:


Is it free and can it be use on samusung tablet


No sorry its a software that comes with apple products
Its the same as powerpoint tho


thank you :blush:


Hello I wanna request from a famous artist I would like a splash list that say

We are hiring

Game makers
Idea maker
Digtal art
Art scene
Character edits


what size should it be


Oh i forgot to fill it out


Do I need to fill the form out


And 640 1136


Any specific deadline


Today or tommorow

No need to rush


I will try to have it done by tomorrow because it very late where I live :wink:


Hi what fonts do you use? those are amazing btw!


I use fonts from :relaxed: