Free Story Cover - Magic Journal

Hi everyone,

Is anyone interested in creating a free story cover for an mystic, magical journal story?

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I would love too, are you giving out credit?

Of course I will! Thanks for responding.

Please let me know if you’re still interested.

I can help if you still need it. Just send me more details about the story and cover idea you have in messages

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@MercadesMia if ya still looking
i can do it for free

Link to My home page

Link to my most recent post

Link to fill request form

You can find my form "Art request " at: Art request

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I’ve made a thread that has a list of artshops that are currently active. You can check it out xx

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Thanks, I appreciated it!

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I’d be happy to assist you if you still require help. Please provide me with additional details about the story and your concept for the cover through messages, and I’ll gladly lend a hand.

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