"free" story covers

Hey there!
I’m looking for someone who would like to have a art cover made by me.
I’m trying to improve my art, show it to the others and trying new shapes, I want to get creative and develop ideas. I want to create, with all my love, something that you can see and feel warm, something that you can relate just by seeing it.

If anyone is interested in a story cover, I would love to try and do it!

Please if you’re interested send me a dm on my Instagram: @zaarye with your ideas and characters information! Thank you! :yum:


Hi, I’d like one can I DM you?

And is it free free or does commission mean we have to pay? :sweat_smile:

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It is free! I just quoted it because I’m taking advantage of it to improve my art! Haha
And of course you can! :hugs:

oooo I’ll dm you on IG now

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@isamrs What style do you do.?

I do a “real” sketch and then I used procreate to do the cover.
And since I’m not a professional, I’m still developing a style!

Thank you!

Oh, I actually meant if it was Ink or Limelight :joy:

Do you have any current examples?

Omg I would love for you to do one of my covers :hugs:

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Aaaaaa lmaoo
Both! It’s not an edit tho!

Could you make a cover for my story?

Okay great, I think ill request one when I have my computer. Thanks!

Hi, It would be so nice if you could make a cover for my story!

hey can u make me a cover if so can u dm me on insta @wolfie_snow_episode