FREE Story Covers

Hi! I really need to practice making covers for Episode stories, so I will be making free story covers for the first five people who ask.

I will only supply you with a FREE piece of art if you are one of the first five people to DM me the information I requested.

Do not rush me, give me time to make your cover as nice as it can be.

ALL covers will have a watermark in the top right corner specifying that I made it. You do not need to give me any more credit if the watermark is clearly visible, but you are welcome to.

Information I Need:
-Screenshot of the scene you would like to be on your stories front cover
-Story’s title
-Font Style you would like me to use (OPTIONAL)
-Your name (OPTIONAL)

I will be posting every cover I make thanks to this thread. The version being posted here will have much more prominent watermarks, but if you’re still not comfortable with it being posted here please do not ask for a cover.

I DO NOT make drawings for covers, these are photo edits of screenshots I made using Gimp. A lot of people seem to have gotten this confused and think I can draw them a cover.

Free Story Covers will be given to the following people:

Kayluh (aka Mythical)



do you have an instagram or examples?


Hello @nerdfashion! Thanks for creating this thread and drawing covers for us!

I would also love to get a free cover from you as well if that is possible! :partying_face::sparkling_heart:

Screenshot of the scene you would like to be on your stories front cover:

Inspired Pic


Story’s title:
Perfect House for Duty
Font Style you would like me to use (OPTIONAL)
Your name (OPTIONAL)

Hey @nerdfashion lots of love for creating cover for us
If its possible for you can you make one for me I would be on cloud9

My Story’s title
Nobody Can Love Me Like You Do \ or you can also use short form NCLMLYD
Font : whatever you like

screenshot of the scene

Details of my characters

Female atheletic body
skin tone - neutral 2
eyebrow - straight medium (light brown)
hairstyle - hair flip (light brown)
eyes - female generic ( aqua blue)
face shape - square defined
nose - defined natural
lips - full round pouty (peach gloss)
Male Athletic Body (copper 2)
brow - straight medium scar ( light brown)
hair - Slicked Back Side Shaved Tousled (dirty blonde)
eyes - Narrow Almond Deep Smiling (emrald green)
face - Square Long Jaw Stubble
nose - straight pointed
lips - medium heart (beige rose)

My name : Aditi Arya
Thnx :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Hi I would like to request for an art scene so here are the details.


This card is made by @anon37186038

This card is made by @aze_nieve

Preferred pose


I don’t want it as a cover but as an art scene but still if you want the name then it is Arranged Marriage.
My name- Bhoomi Satam

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If you are still up for free covers, here are my details.

Photo reference for pose:

My characters:


  • body: copper 03
  • brow: straight medium, blackjet
  • hair: magnum, chestnut brown
  • eyes: deepest downturned, blue deep
  • face: diamond soft
  • nose: gracian narrow
  • lips: medium heart, rose light nude gloss


  • body: neutral 02
  • brow: arched thin, black dark
  • hair: long feathered bangs blunt, blond medium
  • eyes: deepset downturned, green emerald
  • face: heart soft
  • nose: defined natural
  • lips: full heart pouty, peach gloss

My characters and if you want to see clothes:

Name of story:

Reveal: He - soon She

I just uploaded an example to the thread.

Can you only make edited cover or do you also do drawing covers??

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you can’t sell episode products tho; you’ll get sued. you can make these as requests, but cant sell them since they’re edited


Oh, I didn’t know that, thank you!

I can do drawings, but I’m not a good artist so I don’t know if you want that or not :sweat_smile:

hello are you still doing cover?