Free Story Idea

I wrote this down a while ago but I’ll never use it so it’s free for anyone else to use, probably best with a repeating day storyline:

A dressing game with a twist. Scenes play out differently depending on what the MC is wearing. Outfits can be found in various scenes but only if the MC is wearing the right outfit and picked the correct option in a choice situation. Game can be finished with the default outfits but can only get the “good” ending with using some of the found outfits.


This is actually a really interesting idea and I would love to read a story like this.

The code for a basic wardrobe change is in this thread.
The only difference would be keeping track of what’s being worn, so have a character called DRESS to do that and then you can us “if (DRESS = #)” to find out what they are wearing and change the dialog.

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