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Okay sooo you wanna make a story but have no idea what to write about? Well I have some ideas…all you gotta do is pick a title for the story


  1. Write a story about a locker at your MC school, there’s a rumour going around that theres a locker that can make your crush like you back it dose the opposite it kills them.

2. Write a story about your MC having there own tv show called Miss match where they help people find love, now it’s your character turn to find love.

Sci - Fi
3. Write a story about your MC being a part of an experiment (a clone) the only clone that was successful but don’t they are clone but they know they aren’t human and they remember nothing from the past, but the MC did something terrible in the past.

4. Write about a story where you meet up with a friend you haven’t seen in a long time and they introduce you to one of there friends turns out they’re your crush from grade school. You both liked each other but were to scared to tell.

Sorry if they are misspells my English is eh…also sorry if the stories are bad! If you need another idea you can message me…


I say 4 will be a good start for your first story.


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I really like the mystery idea! Drama is also cool, as well as sci-fi. The romance is too basic in my opinion. Go with something unique! You can try and do a poll if you can’t decide.
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Yeah the Romance one is pretty basic, I’m bad at romantic stories xD


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