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I have started reviewing stories on my blog, but I’m out of stories! If you would like me to review your story use this link. At this moment my goal is to review all the stories that are posted here, but if that becomes impossible I’ll be sure to update this post. I do have a few requirements, but you can find out all the details by clicking the link above.


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Thank you!

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that could, usally I would jump to a review because I love hear opions, but I usally only want for unpublish stories since I think its to late to improve when it is out

I could considre my publish story scorn heir, but it already had plenty of reviews

i would love if uh do it for my upcoming story… will be publishing within a week

I can do a review on an unpublished story as long as you have a link. The same terms apply, and I’ll happily give feedback and editing if desired. :slight_smile:

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Same as long as you have a link I can do it :slight_smile:

it just I wouldnt want it public posted, but I be happy for a review. because the story is not avaible.

but I would love the opinions, so I can make the best story possible

Okay that’s fine :slight_smile: If you ever decide you want me to publish it I’ll keep a draft of it…maybe when you do post it. I NEVER write bad reviews. If I have to write a bad review I’ll tell you what needs to change first. I’m not here to bash anyone’s hard work. I know how much goes into these Episodes.

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Thank, I do have a publish story, i could sign it up. I think I will

btw I have an art shop if you need a new cover at some point I do drawn art for free

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That’s good to know! I’m sure I’ll need that at some point.

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To have me review your story just use the link above :point_up:

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I have used, a bit time ago,

Aha! I found it. It went to my spam folder. :crazy_face:

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I currently don’t need any reviews at the moment, but I’ll bookmark this thread for future reference <3

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I really need more stories to review! I have one for next week, but the following week is still blank. :frowning:


still very happy about mine :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I’m so glad! I’m still enjoying your story :slight_smile:

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hi, I really want a honest review, if you could. But I don’t think we’ve done r4r before, could you send me your link and tell me how many chapters do you want me to read?

When I do reviews I typically only do the first 3 chapters so we can do 3 for 3?