Free Story Starters

Okay, I saw someone else make this thread and wanted to make one myself,

Basically I never run out of ideas for plots but never get to use them, so I thought I would give them to the community so they can find use of them!

Romance Genre:

He, always living the life of a highschool golden boy, the life of the police cheifs son. She, a troubled teen who stole his fathers badge. What will he do, when she steals his heart?
~ TAKEN BY @Random_doggo123

  • She was never afraid to play in the dirt, in fact she became an archeologist. What will she do when one of her greatest discoveries, a frozen prehistoric caveman, comes alive and she falls in love? Will they stay together, or will her career force her to have a heart of stone.

  • When her toxic family cause her to run out of the house in tears, she runs into the forest and comes across a hidden grotto, where she meets the man/woman/other of her dreams. The only problem is… they’re a ghost, when the discovery of a speedily approaching ‘silver moon’ is set to force her dream person to return to his grave below the grotto, will she find a way to save the only person who’s ever made her feel happy? or will it truely be, death do they part.


You and your elder brother are both top-notch supernatural crime stoppers, You always had this other dimensional power to detect when there were some kind of upset or hurt spirits surrounding a place and made it your family quest to set the spirits free to pass on and be at peace, you even work with the police department to do so! What will you do when your brother is sent to investigate a supposedly haunted house and doesn’t return? Will you be able to convince the spirits to give back your brother or will you become their next victim? - TAKEN BY @Jubels

Title: Last Christmas

  • Marissa’s ex has always threatened to hurt her if she left him. She did in fact, 2 days ago. 2 days before Christmas, will this be her last Christmas? ~ MADE BY @Danielle318

  • When the queen of Esraren is cursed and the townsfolk are being turned into mindless servants by Mira, a witch who wants revenge, the only person who is able to stop her is Eveline, a thief who plays dirty to get her ways. Can Eveline save the kindgom while trying to stay alive when her own personal greed is getting in the way? ~ MADE BY @Joyless_Fun

  • If you want to use a plot idea, lemme know which one it is so I can blur it.
  • A blurred plot idea means its taken, you can read it if you think it’s interesting so then you can read the story of whoever has taken the idea but don’t steal it because first in first serve.
  • If a genre has no more or if all the current plots I made and wrote are blurred or if there isn’t one for the genre you want, just let me know and I can think one up in a snap for you.
  • Credit me for plot ideas if you use one of mine.
Custom Plot request info:

Like I said, you can request a plot for a genre you want if there is one in specific. Just fill this out:

Important character name/s (if any):
Keywords (E.g. “I want the story to be something about magic” or “I want the story to be something about new chances or taking risks”)
Extra additional Info that you wish to add:

Password: SnowyLovesIcecream

Tag some people who might like a story starter! <3


OMG! Can I use this?! I will absolutely give you credit :relaxed:


Of course you can! You can credit me as either @X.O.IcySnows on forums or @Snowy_Episode on Instagram, whichever one of my accounts you wish to credit is up to you. :slight_smile: I’ll blur it out so people know it’s yours! Also I’d love to read how you wrote it when it’s published. (I think it would be cool to see how others can turn a plot I make into stories because they’re all unique due to the different spins people put on it. :smiley: )

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thanks! And I will absolutely credit you for this amazing idea :laughing: I have already started it :joy:im full on obsessed with the story now

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Yass! Heck, I even thought of a plot for the sequel if you wanted. xD

You could do something where the spirit who took the MC’s brother just wanted to see her son again and that it’s the MC and the spirit’s sons child for season 2 and the child wanting to be normal, or something like that. (If you wanted to do a second season, After all it’s up to you if you want to alter and change but it would be a good fit for a season 2 plot. :slight_smile: )

Oooh yass! I’m just tryna think of a story title

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Hoi instead of making one could you rephrase my plot? If not its coolio :rofl::heart:

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I just wanna say THESE are amazing :scream::heart: do you have a story (so sorry that I’m kinda going off topic :grimacing:)

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Moved to Share Feedback since this is about story ideas. Make sure to check out our Forum Tutorial for more info about creating topics, and feel free to PM me if you’ve got questions. :wink:

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Of course, just gimme what you got so far. Just to double check, do you mean like a plot description for your story?

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Oh it’s fine, I do but it’s not published. Mine’s called grandma’s grandbabies though, It’s basically about a grandpa and his granddaughter who join a national tv show to win and sell the prize to pay for their grandma’s medical treatment.

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Yep I have a description but I want it better if that makes sense :rofl: also could I pm you it?

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Omg can I use this
He, always living the life of a highschool golden boy, the life of the police cheifs son. She, a troubled teen who stole his fathers badge. What will he do, when she steals his heart?
What should I credit you with

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Yes of course you can PM me!

Of course you can use it, I’ll blur it out for you!

Credit me with whichever one of my accounts you prefer:
@X.O.IcySnows on forums
@Snowy_Episode on Instagram

ooh if you’re gonna help @raindrvps with her plot thingy- do you think you could help me with mine…?

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Of course, plots are my specialty after all. Names not so much but how can I help? :slight_smile:

Example plot description you could use:

A family supernatural gift, A haunted house and an angered spirit! What will you do when your brother goes M.I.A? Will you convince the ghosts to return him? or will you be next?

ok so, did you want me to send you what i have so far?

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I have one you could put up:

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Yep. :slight_smile:

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