Free Story/ Title Ideas


Ok i am waaay too impatient to actually write these but here are some ideas. If you already are using or came up with one of these titles/plots, please don’t think i stole it, just let me know below. I am not writing these, just giving out the ideas to whoever wants them. Also, some may be cliche, but whatever :woman_shrugging:.

A Match Made In Hell -or- Kiss Mary Kill
Everything was going smoothly when you managed to keep your assassin job a secret from the love of your life. That is, until you’re ordered to kill him.

Careful What You Wish For
As a complete loser, you were always somewhere between wishing you were popular and wanting to die. What happens both wishes come true and you switch bodies with the queen bee?
(^ Ok this ones kinda wierd but what i meant was that mc dies and switches bodies w the queen bee and the mcs old crush is the queen bee’s boyfriend but he’s a douche so the mc realizes she likes her old best friend from when she was a “loser”)

Truth Be Told
You’re a pathological liar with your life all figured out, until (Love Interest Name), a mind reader, comes and messes it all up.

Like There’s No Tomorrow
Everyone thought the world would end-
Crushes were confessed.
Secrets spilled.
Hell, your neighbor even robbed a bank.
-And then it didn’t.

Here are some story titles with no descriptions:
Worst Case Scenario
Silver Lining
Kiss Mary Kill
Plan B
Been There Done That
B Stands for Betrayal
In the Blink of an Eye

Feel free to use these and write more ideas below! :slight_smile: