Free template coder

Hi people !
So I love to code templates! And I would love to code templates for you people for you people for (no customisation templates) .Feel free to ask for templates.
You can ask for them in reply section or on my instagram account :episodelove19 and here’s the account’s link : Click here or pm me

  1. You must follow me on instagram
  2. You must specify clearly what you want in a template
  3. If you want an overlay template you have to either email me the overlays you want to use,I will email some overlays which are needed to be specifically scaled and needed.
  4. Credit is a must if you use them in stories
  5. You must tell me the story name you are going to use in or send me it’s link
  6. If I am not able to code a template up to your requirements please don’t shade me !
    With love,

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