FREE TEMPLATE (typed title)

This is a template of how to make your title appear to be typed on screen in real time

Feel free to use it and change it as you need ( this is an example I made for my current story)

If you do, please credit me! Instagram: @episode.florence

This is a combination of Transparent Characters ( i learned how to use it from @JosephEvans) and making texts from overlays ( i learned that from @Dara.Amarie)

PS: Don’t mind that I used french numbers for creating overlays that don’t actually exist :slight_smile:


&overlay CLIFF create
&overlay CLIFF opacity 1
&overlay 6614091499307008_CLIFF shifts to 0 0 in zone 1
&overlay 6614091499307008_CLIFF scales to 1.000 1.000
&overlay 6614091499307008_CLIFF moves to layer 12

&overlay UN create
&overlay UN create text | color:white |F
&overlay UN opacity 0.1
&overlay UN shifts to 14 297 in zone 1
&overlay UN scales to 6.292 6.292
&overlay UN moves to layer 1

&overlay DEUX create
&overlay DEUX create text | color:white |I
&overlay DEUX opacity 0.1
&overlay DEUX shifts to 39 297 in zone 1
&overlay DEUX scales to 6.292 6.292
&overlay DEUX moves to layer 2

&overlay TROIS create
&overlay TROIS create text | color:white |R
&overlay TROIS opacity 0.1
&overlay TROIS shifts to 54 297 in zone 1
&overlay TROIS scales to 6.292 6.292
&overlay TROIS moves to layer 3

&overlay QUATRE create
&overlay QUATRE create text | color:white |E
&overlay QUATRE opacity 0.1
&overlay QUATRE shifts to 84 297 in zone 1
&overlay QUATRE scales to 6.292 6.292
&overlay QUATRE moves to layer 4

&overlay ZAHL create
&overlay ZAHL create text | color:white |’
&overlay ZAHL opacity 0.1
&overlay ZAHL shifts to 115 299 in zone 1
&overlay ZAHL scales to 6.292 6.292
&overlay ZAHL moves to layer 5

&overlay SIX create
&overlay SIX create text | color:white |S
&overlay SIX opacity 0.1
&overlay SIX shifts to 128 297 in zone 1
&overlay SIX scales to 6.292 6.292
&overlay SIX moves to layer 6

&overlay SEPT create
&overlay SEPT create text | color:white |C
&overlay SEPT opacity 0.1
&overlay SEPT shifts to 173 297 in zone 1
&overlay SEPT scales to 6.292 6.292
&overlay SEPT moves to layer 7

&overlay HUIT create
&overlay HUIT create text | color:white |H
&overlay HUIT opacity 0.1
&overlay HUIT shifts to 205 297 in zone 1
&overlay HUIT scales to 6.292 6.292
&overlay HUIT moves to layer 8

&overlay NEUF create
&overlay NEUF create text | color:white |I
&overlay NEUF opacity 0.1
&overlay NEUF shifts to 241 297 in zone 1
&overlay NEUF scales to 6.292 6.292
&overlay NEUF moves to layer 9

&overlay DIX create
&overlay DIX create text | color:white |L
&overlay DIX opacity 0.1
&overlay DIX shifts to 255 297 in zone 1
&overlay DIX scales to 6.292 6.292
&overlay DIX moves to layer 10

&overlay ONZE create
&overlay ONZE create text | color:white |D
&overlay ONZE opacity 0.1
&overlay ONZE shifts to 281 297 in zone 1
&overlay ONZE scales to 6.292 6.292
&overlay ONZE moves to layer 11

@pause for 1

&overlay UN opacity 1
@overlay UN moves to layer 13

@pause for 1

&overlay DEUX opacity 1
@overlay DEUX moves to layer 14

@pause for 1

@pause for 1

&overlay TROIS opacity 1
@overlay TROIS moves to layer 15

@pause for 1

&overlay QUATRE opacity 1
@overlay QUATRE moves to layer 16

@pause for 1

&overlay ZAHL opacity 1
@overlay ZAHL moves to layer 17

@pause for 1

&overlay SIX opacity 1
@overlay SIX moves to layer 18

@pause for 1

&overlay SEPT opacity 1
@overlay SEPT moves to layer 19

@pause for 1

&overlay HUIT opacity 1
@overlay HUIT moves to layer 20

@pause for 1

&overlay NEUF opacity 1
@overlay NEUF moves to layer 21

@pause for 1

&overlay DIX opacity 1
@overlay DIX moves to layer 22

@pause for 1

&overlay ONZE opacity 1
@overlay ONZE moves to layer 23

@pause for 1


And this can be edited to my story title? ( I still don’t understand a lot with coding)

Can you show a video of what this does?


This will make your title appear letter for letter infront of which ever background you choose.

In order for this to work you first have to create an overlay of your background which you then put exactly over the actual background. After that you have to create texts from overlays. Every overlay only can have one letter in order to make them appear letter for letter later on. Now you will have to position them next to each other so it looks like they are in a row, just as you want your title to be written. You then will need to put all of the text overlays in different layers. The last step is to bring everything into the right opacity.

This sounds complicated but the template above is a perfect example on how to do it. This will be easier to understand and to do if you are familiar with the transparency and text overlays.

You only need to adjust the template to your background and title

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