Free Templates and Help!


I’m offering you guys a set of templates that I believe will come of use.

I find it strange to put free in the title considering you don’t usually pay for templates, but it’s merely there to draw your attention.

I’ve compiled only a few templates for you to use in a Google Doc. However, I will continue to update the document adding more as I go along. So if you’re looking for a specific template please feel free to check the document often.

My templates are well thought out and I’ve made sure they don’t include any glitches or spotting issues.

If you’re interested in providing templates of your own please PM me and don’t send the entire template over the form so;

1: I can check the template myself to look for errors.
2: the posts below aren’t cluttered with long templates and code.
3: I can make sure the Templates are what they’re advertised to be.

I will add your provided template to the google doc and give you credit for your contribution.


I would also like to make this a thread for any questions about errors and codes. Simply comment down below with your questions (detailed descriptions of the issue) and Me/others will give you advice.

Thank you,


I can do that!


That would be awesome! Thank you soooo much!!

I’ll make sure to give you credit <3


Sorry for taking so long!
Hope u like it!


Thank you so much sis.
You’ve been a huge help




Do you make templates?


I know this is old, but would you be able to make me one?