Free Texting Backgrounds! [OPEN]

Hi Loves

It’s ya girl Claire. In some point in your story, two lovebirds or best friends or kidnappers text each other. And you can’t exactly find a background for that. That’s what i’m here for! Please don’t request all over the place… here are my examples:

Thanks and take care,

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Thanks! :smiley:

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Of course! I’ll get right to it.

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I hope you like it…
Press in its to see all of it

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No problem.

Please can you do a backround for me?
If so, it would go like this (doing this in the format that I saw someone else do):
Grey (Alex): Kylie, where are you?
Grey (Alex): Reply!
Grey (Alex): Right. Now.
Grey (Alex): If u don’t come home in the next 10 secs we’re coming to look for you!
Grey (Alex): 10
Grey (Alex): 9
Grey (Alex):8
Grey (Alex):7
Grey (Alex):6
Grey (Alex):5
Grey (Alex):4
Grey (Alex):3
Grey (Alex):2
Grey (Alex):1
Grey (Aex):Linda’s gone to look for you
Grey (Alex): Oh.

It would be really good if you could do this and sorry that it’s quite long. I know it ends quite weirdly, that’s because he was going to say “My. Gosh.” but she’s not supposed to read that, so if you were wondering that’s why.
I will definitely give credit to you, thxs :blush:

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Yes of course! It might be too long… i’ll see what I can do!

Yes, I can do it. Thank s fort requesting!

Tysm! Sorry if it is too long tho :no_mouth:

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Do you do text bubble overlays?

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I also have one question: I have seen some people post that their iMessage stuff weren’t approved because of the brand name…

I don’t know if you do text overlays, but I think it would look better in this scene if two of them were overlays:

Grey (Will): Gi
Grey (Will): are you out of work?

Blue (Gianna): yes, I’m on my way home :blue_car:
Blue (Gianna): why?
Grey (Will): I can’t tell you why


Would you also like the “currently Texting” bubbles? With the three dots?

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Yes, please! :heart_eyes:

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