FREE Trailers & clips for your story!

Hello everyone! :wave:

I’ve recently started working on editing and videos recently, and I’d love to get more experience!

Right now I’m offering free video clips and trailers for stories so I can grow my skills and help the community!

I can also do animated covers and “new episode out” type edits! :blob_hearts:

You can direct message me on here, or reply if you’re interested! :heart:

What I’ll need:

  • clips / pictures of episodes
  • the link to your story if you’d like me to grab those myself
  • the cover of your story (I can add an animated title)
    -any text you’d like at the end of the video, example: story by @username !
  • 1-2 days to put them together and edit them completely!

Due to the amount of copyright between countries and music on Instagram, I can add music to the video for you but it may get flagged.
The better option is to upload it to your reels, and choose from the music that is available!


Can you do text effects? Like have the text flaming or something and transitioning to the story? No problem if you can’t.

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I can!

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Ok, i’d request for one when I’m finished coding the episode! Then i can send you the clips :smiley:

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