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NOTE: IF you want me to add your SHOPS or PATREONS to this list, please PM or Comment below with your links and I’ll copy/paste them to the top post

  • First, the use of copyrighted materials in a commercial way (i.e. EPISODE) is illegal.
  • Do not use Google or Pinterest to find background images! It doesn’t matter if it’s tagged on a board called “Episode BGs” or not - Pins can be saved from ANYWHERE on the web and finding the original artist to get permission is damn near impossible. Google, even with its filters, is not enough to ensure that the image is in fact free to use commercially. JUST DON’T DO IT!
  • There are a TON of free websites and software out there to create your own, as well as tons of shops, drives, kofi and patreons to choose from that do offer free or reasonably priced works of art (be they background, cover, overlay or poses).

If you still decide to use Pinterest or Google despite the MANY warnings against it there is something you should be aware of:

  • When you upload any image into the portal, that little box and text below the image preview that you have to click before you upload – it clears Episode (and by extension Pocket Gems) from any civil suits for use of copyrighted materials in a commercial way. You claim the image when you click the box. Meaning ANY legal issues that come of it (including monetary punishments) will be YOUR responsibility (or your parents).



Shops, Artist Threads, Episode Community Backgrounds and more:
Official Background Sharing Thread
OFFICIAL Overlay Sharing Thread
Free backgrounds and overlays! :building_construction:
Free Backgrounds and Overlays 2
:Free Backgrounds and Overlays 3
Free Backgrounds and Overlays 4

*edit to add the rest of CinnamonToast’s background links :slight_smile:

:butterfly: Marysol.Episode’s - Google drive! :butterfly:
:heartpulse: Marysol.Episode’s Background Thread :heartpulse:
:tulip: FlowerGriefer’s Backgrounds :tulip:
IIndie’s Background & Overlay Thread
Bookpage’s Library: offers many services: BookPage's Library (Coding & Art Commisions):blob_hearts:
The lovely @dizzyshadow has sent me all of their links to share with you all!

Individual Links and what they offer:

dizzyshadow | Stories, Backgrounds, Overlays, and Love 🫶🏻 | Patreon (offers subscription and single-purchase options)

DIZZYSHADOW FREE DRIVE - Google Drive (free drive, must credit!) (Episode Reader Stats and Data. Want to know what readers like? Check this link out for real acquired data)
Notion – The all-in-one workspace for your notes, tasks, wikis, and databases. (Dizzy’s Writing Template)

Dizzyshadow’s links in one place :
edit: A update! ❤️‍🔥 Mirwren's Free Overlays ❤️‍🔥 [Updated] by @Mirwren!

My drives: edit: I added my linktree below.

Cole’s Background Drive
(Please credit if you use anything from the “New Drive” folder. There’s a 2nd folder of free use images that don’t require credit. Check this link for updates and preview images! )
Episode Overlays, Free Use
(^^ This drive is my way of helping out the Community. I’ve taken Episode Portal backgrounds and cut overlays from the backgrounds that were hard to use/completely unusable due to furniture etc. No crediting required. :slight_smile: )

  • Be sure to read the artists rules of use & on the sharing threads, pay attention to the comments as artists sometimes forget to add their credit info with their images but comment them when asked.
  • There are dozens of open art shops that will make you custom backgrounds if you request properly and don’t hop from thread to thread requesting the same thing from multiple shops (thread hopping, it’s just disrespectful to the artists.)

So, please, stop using copyrighted art and backgrounds. There are millions of images of all kinds on the websites I listed that are free use or free use with credit the same way artists here require credit. The fact that " Episode approved it" means NOTHING when it comes to legal aspects. When you check that box to upload you are giving Episode a get-out-of-jail-free card as far as any litigation goes. It falls on your shoulders. Don’t risk it, just do a little work and find an image that you need on any of the websites or threads I posted.


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Bumping for all our new users! Welcome! These websites offer free use images or images created by Episode members. Please be respectful of the artists rules, give credit if required and don’t use google OR pinterest for background images!


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I make Free Magic Overlays :sparkles: you can add my link to the list if you’d like :heart:


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