Free Use Images and Community Resources

Mostly ‘credit’ on Episode is for creators in the community to give them a nod for their help or for the use of their backgrounds/overlays/templates etc.

For example, I wouldn’t be obligated to add a credit for an image I got from Pixabay ( free use website ) BUT if I were to use a background created by you, I would code in " readerMessage Background Credit: JustNyla on the Forums! " into the beginning of the scene that I use the background in. :slight_smile:

Note: You can always credit the photographer/creator that made/took the image by using the same format that I gave in the example above - I’ve yet to come across an image on any of the listed websites that require it though. (i.e.: readerMessage Background by ColeCatalyst on Pixabay)

Hope this helps explain crediting a little better. TLDR: Most people only credit community or other artistic creators. Images from websites above do not require crediting. :slight_smile:

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okay tysm for the info!


No problem, honey :slight_smile: Good luck with your story!

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I’m posting this on all my threads:
I already have the links and list of backgrounds moved over to the Discord so no one is losing access. My Thread is called : Cole’s Art Resources Links (Free) in the Community Art section :slight_smile:

Since I’m lazy I also included my own background drive and Free Use Episode Overlays into the same " Cole’s Art Resources Links (Free)" post to make it easier for me to keep up with them :slight_smile:

I will still be accepting background suggestions (If I can make it work, I’ll do it so feel free to leave suggestions), and I will still making overlays for any backgrounds Episode gives that are lacking - so comment names of new/old backgrounds that need them :heart:


Bump since the Forums will be open longer!