Free Video Edits/Trailers

Hey, so I use After Effects CC 2020 (a computer editing program) and I’ve recently run out of things to edit, so I was wondering if anyone would like a free edit of any episode characters or episode stories or trailers for your stories

Please keep in mind it might take me a while to do (like 3/4 days maybe?) because despite having used the program for a while- After Effects can still be quite challenging and it is very time consuming

Examples of my edits/style are on my Instagram

(some do have different watermarks and if you do have doubts on whether they’re mine or not I’ll reply back to you on the account that has the watermark on it)

And this is completely free no charge <3 If you would like one just reply to this topic and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible


I would love one here’s my story link

Pls- I would love one!! :pleading_face::pleading_face:

Everyone is giving you their link soo…

Ooof, I’d love one for my horror story please. :slight_smile:

Dm me on instagram :))

Dm me on instagram ! :))

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Message me on instagram :))