[FREE] Water overlays

I want to practice making water overlays, so if anyone wants me to make one let me know! :slight_smile:

Some info:

  • Overlays should be accurately sized for the background so you don’t have to adjust them. Let me know if they aren’t.

  • Please show where exactly you want the water cut off, either by drawing a line or cropping the background.

  • Let me know what opacity you want, i.e. how much you want the character’s body to show. I usually work with deeper water so only the top half of the character shows, but I can do shallow water too.

Examples of how my water overlays fade out (this one is deeper water):


I’m defo gon bookmark this!!

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Bookmarking it right away

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No prob! i actually found one

Hey! I would like to request a water overlay. It’ll be used as the water to the ship deck bg I have edited. I would like it to be simple and be about 4 cm and the size of my bg is 1280x1136.

If you want any other info please let me know!

Alright, can you share the image with me?

I found one! Thank you so much tho

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Oh, alright!

hi! Can I use this example?