Freee outfit maker

I can make outfits for you story… You just need to describe it to me and i can make it



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Hey there! Personally I’d love a couple fall themed male outfits for a boy that dresses fancy/casual (like he doesn’t dress in the ripped jeans, but dresses nicer but not overly nice)

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ok is it LL or ink

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I did my best and made 3 outfits the last one looks a little bad-boyish

Screenshot (58)

Screenshot (60)

For @Celestial_Night


Hey, I’d like a few detective outfits in LL! :heart:
You could make as much as you want!
Male and female. 4 detectives.

A few things:
No EBI stuff
Only professional clothing → no crop top or revealing clothing for the detectives.

That was it! I’m curious what you’ll be coming with! :slightly_smiling_face::heartbeat:

OK I’ll get it done as soon as I can

Also I forgot to mention free outfit maker is closed on Saturdays and Sundays

Did you mean that there are 4 detectives 2 male and 2 female or there are 4 male detectives and 4 female detectives?

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i will make 2 male outfit and 2 female outfit

I thought the detectives should be wearing black soooo…

Screenshot (70)

For @Episodetiger


It’s in LL, and no it doesn’t

Can you be sure to tag me, I cannot see the thread unless you tag me :rofl:

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Yes, 2 men and 2 women!:upside_down_face:
Great outfit ideas, thank you! :sparkling_heart:

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Any more requiests anyone?

Oh, i forgot to add the examples of some of the outfits i made

These are just some of the outfits i made during my time with the forums

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I just realized you both have the same name!

Does anyone know what the face cover is called if you know what I mean I can’t find it anywhere !x

Can you make me 2 LL Girl Outfit for Office and 3-4 Casual Outfits for going out For LL Girl?:blush:

It’s called a face mask (I think)