Freezing a character

So on most Episodes Stories I read, their character is frozen WITH the behaviour and I was wondering could you make them do it any quicker?

Like Adrenaline, The Shaw Brothers etc. Also Episode.Amanda’s EA when you do dance_kpop_frozen

Also read my stories The Sin and Fatal Trouble

dance_kpop_frozen it’s a hidden animation.

If you want your character to be at the end of animation focus zoom or cut/pan to another zone while is doing an animation.

I’ve written about this before here



dance_kpop_frozen doesn’t work…

The thing with “interrupting the animation” only works on the beginning of the animation, it doesn’t freeze it in the end.

As the text states, yes, this is true. (That’s why I didn’t highlight that part of the quote) The only way to use the end of an animation is to let it play out fully. But both to zoom away and using a twin do that.


Lol I already knew those tricks. I just pointed out that you were talking about ways to “freeze” animations at the end, so that doesn’t really work for that…

Thank you so much! i’ll be using this tip in my story now

Is it possible to have two overlays at once in this format?


I kinda doubt it but just wondering

Yes, you can.

Yes you can

Oh! Okay thank you!

Slight addendum: it’s BACKGROUND with OVERLAY with OTHER OVERLAY, not “and.”