Freezing An Action?


I Was Wondering If Anyone Knew How To Freeze An Action In The Middle Of It? I’ve Read About Placing The Character In Another Zone While They Do The Action, But It Doesn’t Make Sense To Me. Could Anyone Explain This To Me Or Provide An Example. Thank You In Advance :grinning:


You can do it only with the last state of an animation.
That’s why you place the character offscreen… ^^
So the readers see only the last state of the animation.


So, Would I Place The Character Where I Want Her And Then Place Them Offscreen?


You place them offscreen ( Or just zoom on another character while character1 is doing the animation. )
Then you pause it for like 2 seconds and then you reset the zoom or zoom on Character 1.

@zoom on x y in t ( Here is character2 )
&Character1 is flirt_fingersnap
@pause for 2
@zoom reset ( or zoom on Character1)


Here’s an example from story if you want to paste it in yours with zenferto switched out for one of your character’s names to see what it looks like, keep in mind Zenferto is tall af so I made him a bit big

@transition fade in black in 3
@ZENFERTO changes into Zen Sleeps
@ZENFERTO spot .913 -194 361 in zone 3 AND ZENFERTO does it while lay_asleep_loop
@pan to zone 3
@pause for a beat
@pause for a beat
@zoom on 728 299 to 276% in 0
@pause for a beat
@pause for a beat


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