French Americans and Spanish Help!


For my story, I’m making 2 love interests. One would be a French American while the other would be Spanish. I need some feedback on the characters I’ve made along with some common phrases they might use! I’m not fluent in French nor Spanish (but I’ve learned some Spanish words) so this would be a huge help to me.


Oliver Carter (French-American)

He has a very big interest in martial arts but recently got into painting. He’d turn his painting hobby into a career but he’s too embarrassed to tell anyone about his painting hobby as he thinks the concept of a violent fighter doing a calm painting is strange and ridiculous. When he became close to the MC, he started getting inspired a lot for his paintings.

Xavier Diaz Navarro (Spanish)

He grew up as an orphan in the US and was adopted by American parents. He felt out-of-place thus why he felt lonely. Once he grew up, he wanted to find someone who could make him feel like he fits in. Because of that, he flirts with any girl he sees. Some girls find it creepy, some find it flattering. But in the end, he didn’t find any decent girl until he met the MC.

Feel free to DM me or reply to this thread for some phrases these characters may use often in the story. Thanks in advance! :blob_hearts:


hey I’m from Spain so I can help you :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


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Heya, I’m french, lmk if you need any help :blush::v:

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Hi! I’m from Spain. I would love to help you out if you need it. I can speak French and English too, so feel free to contact me anytime! :grinning:
Insta: @amanda.schaeffer.episode