French Speakers Come Here | Bienvenue les français! +TUTORIALS IN FRENCH


Ba personne savait en plus ><
On dit que le monde est petit mais bon quand même hein.


Hmmm, you need help?


I am --> Je suis
You are --> Tu es
He/She/It is --> il/elle/on est
We are --> Nous sommes
You are --> Vous êtes
They are --> Ils/elles sont


I know those but it gets harder each year :expressionless:


Which verb are you on now?


Then this thread’s for you~ :blush:


@AllyJay is the best for this kind of things :thinking:


Who, me?! :joy: Thank you, I’m flattered but I don’t know why I’d be considered the best for this.


Instinct :nerd_face:


Heyyyy sorry to bother you but can you do avoir and faire too?


I have–>J’ai
You have–>Tu as
She/he/it has–>Elle/il/on a
We have–>Nous avons
You have–>Vous avez
They have–> Elles/ils ont

I do–>Je fais
You do–>Tu fais
He/She/it does–> Il/elle/on fait
We do–> Nous faisons
You do–> Vous faîtes
They do–>Ils/elles font






Hihihi les gens veulent apprendre le français :sunglasses:


I have être if you ever need it though my really cool sheet may be at school. :expressionless:


Salut Je suis stupide no no no je suis créatif! :joy:


Bonjour! Je m’apelle Claire. J’étudie français.

I’m just learning french in school, this will be great practice!

Talk to me in french i wanna meet new people


Créative* if you’re a girl.


Comment ça va?


Salut, Claire! Et bienvenue~ Ça va?