French story on episode

Hello All, I’ve worked with an author writer and I’ve translated her story in french. If there is any francophone speaking in here :blush:

Here is the link :
English Version: By MrsBrina

French Version: Translated by me

Kindly check it out :slight_smile:

PS : And Hey if you are a writer and you want your story in french contact me :wink:


ooh I speak french. fun!

Ah super ! C’est cool try it out :blush::blush:.

The inconvenient is that they don’t accept the accents on the script. So I have to make sure it’s readable without.

Envoyé de mon iPhone

Im learning French. Salut! To everyone :grin:

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Salut !!! :smiley:

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Ah ok. He compreds! :blush:

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