Freya's Art Tutorials!

Freya here! :wave::wave:
This is just a thread that I’m creating to share a few of my art tutorials.
Let’s start with:

Hair Tutorial

App used- ibis paint x

Brushes used- Oil (Hair)



  1. Using the base color and Oil (Hair) brush, draw the basic form of the hair.

Lower the opacity of the brush to 21% and add the shadows in this manner ^^

  1. Same brush, same opacity, add the highlights.

Finally, use the same color you used for “shading” and the Airbrush (set it’s opacity to 100%), to add some more detail to the hair.


Feel free to share what you came up with and if this tutorial worked out for you. Also, lmk if you want any other tutorials <333

Also, hopefully my tutorials would get better with time, lol


Super helpful! Keep up the good work! :blob_hearts: :blob_sun:

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Glad :sparkles:

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TELL ME WHAT I DID WRONG :pensive::tired_face::raised_back_of_hand:t4:

  1. When shading, you didn’t lower the opacity of the brush to 21%.
  2. When highlighting, you again didn’t lower the opacity of the brush to 21%.
  3. Most of your strokes are in random directions

Your strokes, when shading and highlighting should like this :arrow_down:

But, this is what your strokes actually look like :sweat_smile:

I hope you understand the difference :two_hearts:


I know :sob::sob: but thank you!


I know it’s a little difficult in the beginning but you really get better and improve as you practice! Hmu if you ever need constructive criticism or any kind of help with your art :blush:

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name of the brushes (how do you do the end parts of hair perfectly)

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Oil (Hair) brush, just turn the fade force to 40% for both the Length of start and Length of end. Also, make fast and long strokes and practice to keep your hand still and stable while drawing

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Next tutorial:

  • Eye tutorial
  • Lip tutorial
  • Others (specify below)

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Eye tutorial coming up!!


Yes pls I suck azzery at drawing eyes :sob: :sob:

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Eye Tutorial

App used- ibis paint x

Brushes/tools used- Bucket tool, Dip pen hard brush, Airbrush (Normal).

Canvas size- 3000×3000



Get the Dip pen hard brush, set the stabilizer to 10, turn the force fade on and set the length of start and length of end to 15% each.
Set up the reference of an episode character’s eye on your canvas, trace it over and in this manner, create an outline of the eye. Try your best to draw the outline of the eye in AS LESS strokes as possible. Also, keep your hand still and make fast strokes.

Now, select the bucket tool and add “Base Color” of the eye.

Selecting the Airbrush (normal) now, shade the upper edge of the eye, with “Shadow (Light)”

Using the airbrush (normal), shade the upper edge of the eye with “Shadow (Dark)” now.

Again, using the airbrush (normal), draw the skin under the eye with the “Base Color”.

Again, using the airbrush (normal), draw the highlights of the skin under the eye with the “Highlight”.

Get the bucket tool and add the “Base Color” of the iris.

Using airbrush (normal), shade the right side of the iris with “Shadow”.

Finally, add some solid highlights using Dip pen hard brush with “Highlight” shade (at the bottom of the palette).

And you’re done!

Remember that practice makes perfect and you can reach no where without going through what the rest have <33
Feel free to share your outcomes with me :yay:

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Lip tutorial coming up!

Those who requested for one

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hii! are you continuing this thread?