Friends anyone?

im looking for some friends

My insta is @cathie_epiwrites



im surprised someone responded .-.

Lol I’m just browsing on on the latest topics and I saw yours

I’ll join u (:

But if you need a partner I can be yours. I have my own story and there are 4 episodes out

im attempting to write but i need a partner or i loose motivation -_-

Me & @SamoneB could work with u (:

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If both of u have insta u can message me

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Okie, I’m @m.h.c.episode

(Just so u know who’s texting u :joy:)

ok :sweat_smile:

I messaged u (:

sure i’d love to be friends/partners, im going to follow you my instagram is @/ trinityepisode

Mine is @samoneepisode😌

I’ve followed you, I’m @gems.episode_ :slight_smile:

I’d love to be friends and help with coding when needed, my Instagram is @ryder_epii :sunglasses:

I’d like to be friends. @ decemberdreamer.episode. I’ll follow you<3

Duplicate closed. Refer to I'd love to follow YOUR Instagram