Friends ? orrr ,,?

do y’all ever talk to someone you used to be friends with or went to school with and it’s kinda awkward like you wanna hangout with them but you’re scared it’ll be weird cuz they don’t know you like that ( or you don’t know them like that ) or they say yes and now you’re kinda panicking because did you only say that to be nice or seem like you’re still interested in them or do you genuinely wanna see them?? also like what if it’s awkward because you kinda don’t know them . now y’all just sitting there maybe talking every few minutes because the things you’re into may not be the things they’re into but you also don’t even KNOW what THEY’RE into. it’s always easier with people you’ve gotten comfortable with and even then, like do we gotta be friends for like 15 years in order for this to seem normal or what lol ,

idk hanging out with people can be hard , even when i do it with someone I’ve known for years. i still have my doubts but that’s just me i think.


Omg yes, I’ve been friends with this girl since yr 3 and I’m in yr 11 now and we are still friends but very distant, and I miss how it used to be but when we left primary school we went to different secondary schools and she got caught up in the wrong crowd and now she’s like a druggie and I don’t even want to go near her because she kinda scares me (p.s this is Australia so sorry if you don’t understand the schools :rofl:) I wish it was easier to communicate wth people but you never know what they are thinking and how they feel so its hard

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exACTLY !!! i guess you’ve just gotta get used to it and like with more and more practice it becomes second nature to you ?? you get used to different kinds of people like how they talk and how they see things what they’ve grown up with , im probs making this deeper than it even needs to be but yup you totally get it :relieved:

( don’t worry about the school thing i can always google it lol :sunglasses: )

Yeah I completely understand that, I mean when did it become so hard to have a convo with one of your friends, it’s easier to talk to strangers sometimes, you should be able to have a conversation with someone without it being awks or natural

I could be wrong but it seems to me is that it could be your nervous about meeting and talking with them. This feeling is perfectly natural it’s mostly for the reason that we as humans actually care what people think about us.

Personally, I take a different approach as I don’t actually care what anyone thinks about me besides family that’s a different thing. If they’re not family I honestly don’t care what they think about me personally and so I just act naturally around them.

If they hate me, then they hate me and we don’t have to hang out. If they’re just kind of meh about me, then we might get to know each other and we might not. If they like me, then we might become friends.

What it basically comes down to for me at least, is that I’ve never met a stranger for the reason that I don’t care what people actually think about me. That’s my philosophy on life.


You’re worried that when you meet and talk to people you haven’t seen in a while or don’t really know, it will be awkward? I mean, of course it will! Why? Because you don’t know each other like that. But how will you know what you have in common or even get along if you don’t go and meet with them with an open mind?

You really shouldn’t worry about the “what if’s” because it could make matters worse for you. And, not every friendship has to be based on 100% of the same common interests. My best friend and I don’t like the all of the same things, but, we do get along and have a good time when we are together. Even with my old high school friends, we never liked all the same things, but we had a good time together. So, even if you don’t have a lot things in common, it’s possible to still have a good time with them.

Is there a reason why you feel doubtful or have a hard time with your friends?


wonderful !! i like the way you think lol , i’ll be keeping that in mind :brown_heart:

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that is very true hahah :")

nah there is a reason, but it’s mostly just what you said, “what if’s” , well that and anxiety. but i think it’s something i’ll just have to experience to get used to, being around different kinds of people like that. this is the human experience afterall lol

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Anxiety will make most experiences hard but you’ll have to find a way around it if you want to have a good time with your friends and be able to get to know people

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