Friends? Writing partner?

So im new here and it’s really lonely w/o friends so… Anybody intrested? :joy:
A writing partner to kind of help each other out when has no idea what to write or just to talk about this and that (age would be nice to be between 15-21) :slight_smile:
HMU on instagram episode_so.davidson
I just need friends :cry:

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hey! i’m isadora, 18, brazilian, gemini haha and currently working on a story. if you need some help or just want to chat, i’m here! my ig is island.episode :relaxed:

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Ayyyy I’m River and in 15, let’s be friends? My Insta is epi_river :purple_heart:

Hey. I’m Carter, and like isafcnchr, I’m 18. I’ve only been around here for a few days and yeah, it is kinda lonely. So I’m totally down to be friends. :relaxed:

Right now I’m just getting started on a horror story, so another writer to bounce ideas with would be pretty cool, too.

I don’t have insta, but if you want to PM here or Snapchat, that’d work. Lemme know.

Hey! I’m Maribel, I’m 19, like to tell corny puns, and I’m currently writing a fantasy + mystery story! if you need additional help with writing or want to be friends, my ig is marii.writes. Have a lovely day!