Front covers and publishing first story

Are we allowed to use one of episodes backgrounds as a background?
I have currently just finished creating episode 1, is it ok to just release 1 episode or should I release them a few at a time?

Lastly what do you think of my write up for it…


You have just completed your training with your new friend to become detectives.
When given you first assignment it seems like a straight forward murder investigation but things become much more complicated when a single scar reveals that the murder victim had already died 2 years ago.

Dearie!!! I am not sure if you know this, but you need to have three or more episodes that are at the minimum of 400 lines before you publish. Don’t just make episode one and skip lines on the other two just to get your story out. I love your description!! It sounds good!

Thank you my first episode is about 1500 lines (ish)
I didn’t know we had to have 3 or more episodes so thank you for that :smiley:

Of course, it’s no problem. I love helping other writers :slight_smile:

:slight_smile: I’m on here quite a lot with many issues ha ha ha. I’m just about to tweak and check my first episode and then will plan my second episode.


thanks again


Yes, you can use Episode’s backgrounds for anything Episode related including making covers. You can not however sell for profit anything with an Episode background in it (I know that is not what you are doing, but I figured I’d throw that out there).

I’ve seen people publish just one chapter, so technically you can post just 1, but I would suggest posting all 3 chapters at the same time like Episode says to. This gives readers enough to really get into your story.

I think your synopsis sounds good! It gives a really interesting murder-mystery vibe.

Moved to Resources section! :v:t2:

Thank you guys :slight_smile:
I’m just touching up episode 1 i’m hoping it turns out ok. I’m not quite sure if the first episode is a bit dry…

But that could be because I’ve spent over a month replaying the same episode ha ha ha