Front Covers and Splashes for Free! (CLOSED UNTIL REQUESTS ARE COMPLETE)!

Hi everyone! If you are in need of a cover or splash for your story I can make you one for free!
Just click on the links bellow and fill in the form! *PLEASE COMMENT ‘Hi’ ON THIS THREAD ONCE YOU HAVE FILLED OUT ONE OR BOTH OF THE FORMS SO I KNOW WHO YOU ARE! Thx xx!




  1. If you request a cover or splash from me then please use it otherwise its a big waste of my time. I put a lot of effort into them.
  2. Please do not request covers or splashes from other people if you have already requested one from me!
  3. Please be polite.

Your cover/splash will be sent to you (On this thread) within 1-3 days. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::grin::grinning:

-Waiting list -

-Here are some examples of my work-




hey, could you possibly make a cover and a warning for my story?

Sure, just send me the details

For the cover, i have an idea where i want it to be split in half and on one side there’s a girl whose sitting up against a wall with her knees to her chest and her head in her hands like shes’s crying and a man standing over her, yelling. Then on the other side i want the guy to have his arm around the girl and they would both be smiling. The story is about an abusive relationship and its called “Behind Closed Doors,” so i want the cover to show that in front of people they’re smiling but when they’re alone he abuses her. On the side where she’s crying i want the colors to be darker but on the side where they’re smiling i want the colors to be lighter. For the author name put Hailey M.

Ok, sure.
I will probably finish it by 2. :grin:

What do your characters look like?

Character details (limelight):
Face: Heart soft
Hair: Hair flip (Black)
Eyes: Female generic (black brown)
Eyebrows: Arch thick styled (black)
Nose: Defined natural
Mouth: Full heart pouty (beige gold matte)
Skin tone: Beige deep rose

Hair: Wavy messy (dark brown)
Face: Triangle chiseled
Eyebrows: (Arched medium (dark brown)
Eyes: Male generic (grey cool)
Nose: Button wide
Mouth: Full heart natural (beige deep natural)
Skintone: Tan rose


could you make a warning as well? and if so, could you make it like a sign on a wooden door cause it would go with the theme and it would say “contains mature themes and coarse language.”


Tysm! You’re amazing! Also, do you have any examples of previous covers that you’ve made?

What outfits?

Yes. I have one.

I made this for myself, but i didn’t use it in the end

What outfits do you want your characters to be wearing?

That backgrounds really good! And for outfits on the side where the girl is crying could you just put them in all black? and on the other side just any shirt and pants for both.

Thanks. Ok. :smile:

Will you just post the background here when you’re done?

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Hello Dear,
Thanks for your offer to help to create a cover for free.
I badly needed one. And here are the required details…
My story name is Fate, Hate & Love. It comes under thriller genre.
Bright colour would be good I guess, rest You finalise.
Author name - Ani Ray

As main male Character you can take the default DAVE & KIKI. Kiki is the victim and Dave looks regretting but sly as he sells KIKI to the villain for getting his life’s dreams & desires.
Is there any way that I can send you the villain’s picture/look?
And it’s gonna be a good story I have that faith, but it’s my first story in Episode… So can you please tell me where & how can I get a writing partner just for doing the directional scriptings as I’m able to use only my mobile phone.
Thanks a ton.
Already started waiting for your reply, even if it’s a denial :slightly_frowning_face:. Kindly reply.

Ani Ray

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yeah i will.