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Hello, thank you for clicking on this Art review thread!

What I do?
I give honest feedback for your art piece, or edit, or any artwork in general.

How to request for a art review?
Easy! Just post your artwork/edit and leave it there for me to check on it and give feedback!

Please note that what I give is constructive criticism and I try not to sugar coat things, I like to say as it is (no, giving constructive criticism doesn’t necessarily mean being rude, it helps artists progress a lot)
Also, I am no professional by any means, I just try to help the community with what I have learnt in my journey.

If anyone wants to add more to what I am saying, please go ahead! :kissing_heart:

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Omg, please help.

Azazel from X-Men First Class.
Reference is the picture to the right of It.:smile:



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Tracing and editing versus my own style.
I know I need various improvements, but I only started digital art about three weeks ago.


Okay, let’s examine everything part by part. @PropertyofNae

General coloring/Outline

Honestly, the outline looks pretty good! So, good job on that! But I found a few things that were noticeable:-

  • The coloring of the outline requires a bit more practice, as it looks pretty unfinished.

  • You can notice the white line surrounding each darker part, a reason for this could be using the bucket tool when the outline has been moved from one place to another, or using the bucket tool in general. I recommend trying to color in the outline without the help of the bucket tool, and later erasing the excess colors with the eraser tool. Or you could also fill in the outline with the bucket tool, and then color the unfinished parts with a brush individually, either way works.


The hair looks decent but I would recommend

  • Connecting the strands of the hair, if you are going for a more realism look, As real life hairs have actual strands with them.

  • Try experimenting with layers like Multipy, Add, Overlay.etc. It really helps a lot during coloring. Try watching YouTube videos on them, it really helped me!

Eye brows

I don’t see problems in the eyebrows, except you need to try and shape them more efficiently. And try to match the eyebrow color with the hair, but if that’s not the look you are going for, then please do continue with what you are doing!


I recommmend;-

  • making the eyelashes curvy, rather than just straight lines as the lashes.
  • add more hairs to the lashes for a realistic effect
  • if you are going for a gothic look, then the makeup suits her! But if your going for a decent look then you need to make the eyeliner thinner, and her eyeshadow less prominent, again, if this is your style then try not to bother!
  • The right eye is smaller, compared to the left eye. Try to get your proportions right. One simple trick for this is just draw the left eye, and then duplicate the layer!
  • Right of the bat, you can see a few things not up with the eyeball
    1.The pupil always be darker than the color of the iris.
    2.The converse- ie. the iris should always be lighter than the pupil.
    3.Try not to use pure black or white for anything, try and use a dark grey, or something dark as a substitute for black, and try to use a lighter color as a substitute for white.
    4.The part just below the eye lashes, is darker than the rest of the eye,( this is becuase the of the shadows of the eye lashes…I think XD) I’d recommended achieving this by creating a layer above the white part, pressing on clipping, lowering the opacity to about 35%, and then drawing a black line just below the lashes.
  • Eye lids are very important, The eye may look unfinished without the eye lids.
  • The nose honestly looks good, I’d just make the nose a little less pointy, as there is no nose in the world so pointy lol

You can notice a few things off with the lips-

  • The lips are disproportionate, Try tracing episode lips for the time being, and then slowly shift to drawing it free hand.
  • Usually, The lower lip is bigger than the upper lip.
  • Again, try not to make straight lines for shading the lip, try to make curvy lines.
  • Usually, The upper lip is darker than the lower lip.

For me, this is the most hardest and hectic part to draw, mostly becuase I can never get it right! But obviously, practice makes perfect so keep practicing!


This is my most favorite part about drawing! Simply becuase I find it stress relieving! I don’t think you have shaded in your art piece, correct me if I am wrong! But if you do want a more realistic look to your drawing, I think it is necessary to adapt atleast basic contouring, a few tips-
1.For contouring, try and use a higher saturated color, rather than black as black really gives it a muddy effect.
2.Experiment with different styles of shading, find what suits you the best!
3.Don’t just limit your options to airbrush! Try out a wider range of brushes.
4.Try not to use the graussian blur tool often, instead try and blur the sides out manually.
6.For highlights, try not using white! Try using a lighter version of the skin color.
7.Remember to blend in the highlights properly, or youll end up with a very unprofessional effect.

Sharp Objects

Your knife looks pretty, but as it is a sharp object, it is important to add a few shine to it. This can be done by creating a layer ‘add’ above it and using airbrush to create a glowing effect.

overall, I’d say you are doing alright with your artwork, and I am happy to have seen a lot of progress in your art journey!

Hope you don’t find my bluntness, rude. And take my advice in any of your future artworks


Thank you and I didn’t find it rude. Actually very helpful. :joy::two_hearts::revolving_hearts::heartbeat::heart:

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